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    je sais pas si je l'ai déjà mis mais on s'en fiche





    Sinnoh Girl!

    Name: Jade
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    ​Region: Sinnoh
    Bio: You live in Floroma Town and always loved the flowers.

    You grew several kinds of berries (BERRIES OAO *très grande cultiveuse de baies depuis que son Nymphali a montré qu'il était le plus beau et gracieux du monde*) and small grass Pokemon that lived in the area often played near you.

    You grew up to be a very pretty girl, but are extremely shy (u////u). Professor Rowan saw how much the Pokemon trusted you and gave you a pokedex and a starter Pokemon. You chose Piplup (No c'est pas lui mon vrai starter ;a;) and traveled with Platina, Pearl, and Dia for a while before meeting everyone else. You are known as "The Charmer" (COMME RUBY ♥) for your ability to be friend almost any pokemon.

    Friends: Green, Yellow, Crystal, Silver, Emerald, Ruby, Platina, Diamond (pile ou presque les amis que je voulais ;A;)

    -What they think-

    Red: She talks less than I do. I battled her and she is very smart, but doesn't have the instinct to back it.
    Blue: She is sooooo quiet.
    Green: I like her. She is smart and quiet. She always gets her work done. I enjoy her company.
    Yellow: She is so sweet! She is even more shy than I am. We both are working on building up our confidence. :)
    Gold: When I told her she was cute, she blushed really hard and backed away. She is so shy -.-"
    Silver: She is very polite and does not speak a lot. She talks about what truly makes a person strong and helped me with my goals.
    Crystal: She and I work together a lot. She is a fabulous partner! She knows so much and we talk during work a lot. She is a good friend, and I am trying to get her to open up to more people.
    Ruby: A beautiful and charming girl. She is amazing in contests and models dresses for me. She is really shy, though.
    Sapphire: She is too quiet... She almost seems scared of me, but she and Ruby do their prissy contests. As long as she knows her boundaries, I'm fine.
    Emerald: She is very shy, but she is very smart. I wish she battled more, my battles with her are interesting.
    Diamond: I am her official tester for new dishes :D She also talks to me about anything. Her voice is so calming.
    Pearl: She is so quiet...
    Platina: She is my best friend! We both share many common interests and she is well-read on many subjects. We can talk about anything and everything. It is nice to have someone who enjoys my company as much as I enjoy his or hers.



    Et vous vous avez eu quoiiiiiiiii ? :3

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    Dimanche 10 Mai 2015 à 11:39

    J'ai répondu à n'importe quel réponse je suis une Hoenn Girl ! OwO

    (Merci Google traduction):

    Nom: Amethyst

    Sexe: Femme

    Age: 15

    Région: Hoenn

    Bio: Fortree City est votre ville natale et vous vous sentez à la maison dans les arbres. Vous et Sapphire souvent mis ensemble et combattu trop. Tout en aimant le plein air et aventure, vous avez aimez les activités plus calmes aussi. Vous aimez la cuisson et ne dérange pas les activités «girly». Vous avez souvent aidé le professeur Birch à la recherche et il a confié un Pokédex et un pokemon de démarrage pour vous afin que vous pouvez aller sur votre propre aventure. Vous avez choisi Mudkip que votre démarreur et vous deux ont un lien étroit. Vous et Sapphire sont les meilleurs amis et vous aider à faire pokeblocks Ruby. Même si vous ne l'avez pas aimé habiller et d'être dans les concours, vous avez regardé quelques-uns avec Saphir et applaudi pour Ruby. Vous êtes connu comme "Le capteur" parce que vous pouvez dire au niveau de pokemon par le toucher.

    Amis: Jaune (Yellow), Cristal (Crystal), Emeraude (Emerald), Saphir (Sapphire), Rubis (Ruby), Platine (Platina), Diamant (Diamond) C'est qui Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Platina et Diamond ??? O_o


    Ce qu'ils en pensent...:

    Rouge (Red): je l'aide avec sa technique de combat. Okay...

    Bleu (Bleu): Je ne le connais pas très bien. Nan sérieux ! Je viens de le connaître ! D8_

    Vert (Green): Elle semble correct. Nan... cette fille est sérieuse en gros... UwU'

    Jaune: Elle/Il est si belle/beau! Elle/Il aime faire les choses avec Emerald et moi! Elle/Il me permet également à la cuisson. Depuis quand elle ou il est cuisinier(e) ??? O_o

    Or: Elle (ou Il ?) est un peu comme Sapphire. OwO'

    Argent: Genre de fou ... ?

    Cristal: Elle (ou Il ?) me aide beaucoup avec le travail de terrain! Je aime travailler avec elle, elle raconte des histoires impressionnantes trop

    Ruby: Même si il ne l'aime pas beaucoup les concours, il est toujours favorable! Je le vois dans l'auditoire avec Saphir beaucoup! Cela me rend heureux.

    Sapphire: Elle est ma meilleure amie! Elle et moi aiment aller explorer dans les bois et les combats. Elle est tellement génial! *danse de la victoire* 03330 :sors:

    Emerald: Elle (Ou Il ?) est un conteur extraordinaire et un bon auditeur. Je dois l'aider avec la stratégie, cependant. Il est pas très bon à planifier à l'avance.

    Diamond: Elle (ou Il ?) est une cuisinière hors pair! Je essayé ses pokeblocks, et ils étaient incroyables. Ses Poffins étaient superbes aussi bien! J'adore discuter avec sa nourriture.

    Perle: Dia est droite, elle fait de la bonne cuisine!

    Platina: Elle (Ou Il ?) a du talent dans la cuisine et en sait beaucoup sur pokemon. Avec Lui, je parle souvent pendant des heures.

    Voilà ! Merci Google !


    De tout façon, Hoenn est la région que je connais le plus que Kalos ou Unys.

    Jeudi 23 Juillet 2015 à 10:46

    Name: Ivory
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Region: Johto
    Bio: You live in Olivine City and always dreamed of traveling with pokemon. You watched Jasmine battle and often sought advice from trainers in the lighthouse. On your 16th birthday, You decided to get your starter pokemon traveled to New Bark Town.You picked Cyndaqil as your starter. When leaving the lab, someone ran straight into you! It was a cute guy named Gold! He told you about the dex holders, and you wanted to join as well! After meeting Oak and receiving your pokedex, you set out on your journey. After meeting the rest of the dex holders, you felt more comfortable. They accepted you and were very welcoming, especially the Johto trainers. You also have a crush on Gold, and Blue is always trying to play match maker. ;) You are known as "The Dreamer" for your determination and creativity :)
    Friends: Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Dia, Pearl
    -What they think-
    Red: She is an awesome battling partner!
    Blue: I like the way she thinks! :D She helps me with blackmailing Green. ;)
    Green: She is too much like Blue sometimes...
    Yellow: She is like my sister! We love drawing together and I look up to her. :)
    Gold: She is amazing! She is super cute, really funny, and smart too! She loves to help me with pranks and is good at battling. She is so incredible... >/////<
    Silver: She can be annoying, but Blue likes her and she is pretty smart. When she is reading or drawing, she is so quiet and focused. After battling her, she asked if I could help her. She isn't as weak as I first thought...
    Crystal: She is smart and artistic! She helps me with illistrations for my field guide. She also gets along with both Silver and Gold. Gold so likes her, and I think they are a good match. ;)
    Ruby: She drew beautiful pictures of my pokemon! She helps me with contest appeals and combinations too.
    Sapphire: I thought she was prissy like Ruby at first, but she challenged me to a battle. She is strong! She is helping win over Ruby too. ^.^ She can be really fun and isn't afraid to try new things.
    Emerald: I don't really know her that well...
    Diamond: She makes awesome food! I love cooking with her :p
    Pearl: She is hilarious! Her ideas are perfect for our act! She can even get Dia to focus by promising food.
    Platina: She is intelligent and well-spoken. I enjoy discussing a number of topic with her.


    Trop heureuse d'être tombée sur ça ! *-* ♥

    Samedi 28 Janvier 2017 à 15:07

    J'ai la même que toi :3

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